So I’m Ecletic…

and apparently, according to one of my collegues, that’s what makes me interesting! I had to think about this one and you know something? I think he may be right – about the eclectic thing anyway! How did this comment come about? Well, we were chatting in the office, as you do and someone mentioned something rather offbeat and I had a story to go with it. Later, on a completely different subject, I had another anecdote to add to the conversation and so the day goes on. Not only did he call me ecletic, he also added nerd (very hesitantly though) ‘cos I seemed to know stuff about some techie bits too!

If you ask people some simple questions like favourite colour, fav animal, fav author etc. most will have one or two in each category. Me? I have loads of everything which is probably why I find it so hard to make decisions.

My favourite colour? all the purples and lots of the blue/greens especially with a touch of pink thrown in.
Favourite animal? Dolphins, lions, tigers… oh and dogs and owls and whales (you get the idea!)
Favourite author – Anne Maccaffery, David Eddings, Clive Cussler, Colin Forbes, Dean Koontz (depends on my mood)
Favourite music – I like most things from Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly through to Led Zepplin, Meatloaf via Robbie Williams, Pink and Anastacia!
My photography shows this too. I’m still experimenting and learning in the various genres but I have worked out that my best landscapes are mostly flukes whereas I can pull off a lovely flower macro fairly regularly and easily.
So is there a point to this post? Yes! I’ve worked out at long last what I want to do with this blog or rather what I don’t want this blog to be.
I don’t want it to be a continuous daily advert for Etsy and its’ enticing shops. I don’t want it to be all about me and my rather ordinary, mundane daily doings and I definitely don’t want it to be full of short waffley posts just for the sake of posting something!
So tonight I’d like to launch my new look IMPROV BLOG :) I’m setting my visitors (that’s you!) a challenge – leave me a comment with something offbeat or random to talk about and tomorrow I’ll post about that – whatever it may be. The only subjects to be avoided are religion and politics – too many arguments lie in those areas and I don’t want to upset or offend anyone.
So get your thinking caps on and set me a challenge :)

6 thoughts on “So I’m Ecletic…

  1. Ah, a fellow eclectic! yeah!<br><br>offbeat and random …let&#39;s see … how about alpaca ranches, the most decadently sinful cookie recipe ever designed or … a real life ghost story :)

  2. thank you all for some great suggestions :) I will start from the top and just keep going over the next few days. Feel free to add more suggestions as we go!

  3. what a great idea for your blogs!<br><br>My suggestion: You love scuba diving and traveling. Do a blog on places you have been, the good the bad the ugly etc. I love those kinds of blogs, so when i am ready to travel there I can have kind of an insiders information.(much better than some impersonal travel book!)

  4. moving house….i daren&#39;t write about that for fear of ranting!

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