Thank you Coldcell for tagging me :)

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So here goes – 7 odd/random facts about me

1. I’ve been reading since I was 2-3 years old – averaging a book a day until about 2 years ago. But only fiction – I hate factual books/autobiographies etc

2. I have a small scar in the middle of my forehead where I was hit by a pickaxe as a child!

3. I have freckles, 4 birthmarks and one dinky little tattoo

4. I can say hello, please and thank you, how are you and order coffees in about 12 different languages – including Swahili, Thai and Dihevi.

5. I love Maths – I used to find solving quadratic equations relaxing!

6. I talk to strangers – at bus stops, on trains, on holiday, in shops – my hubby says my day isn’t complete unless I’ve had a chat with someone new :)

7. I collected postcards as a child and still have boxes of them I can’t bear to part with.

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