The Postcard Game – all for a good cause

Just found a link to Jennifer’s blog where she is organising a Postcard Game. Basically send her a postcard or two and she will allocate a number and post it on her blog so if you make your own postcards, it’s a bit of extra marketing! She is going to donate $1 per postcard received to Ovarian Cancer Action – a UK charity trying to get the word out about ovarian cancer in the UK.

And if donating all that cash to the charity wasn’t enough, she’s also offering some wonderful jewellery as prizes.

Pop along and have a look at all the rules/details.

Update: the link for Ovarian Cancer Action is – Ovarian cancer is apparently called the silent killer in that it is hard to diagnose and may be mistaken for menopausal symptons. This website has some good info that all women should be as aware of as they are aware of breast cancer.
say PANTS to Ovanrian Cancer!!