Twitter-ing On …

So it seems to be the latest fashion over on Etsy to join Twitter – the forums are full of twitter-this and twitter-that threads. They say that apart from being a bit of fun, it’s also possible to do a bit of promotion over there so I caved in and joined. I added the widget to my blog too so if you have a peek over there on the right —>, you should see it. If you’re on Twitter, drop in say Hi :)

I don’t know how long I will last but I’ll give it a go and see whether I like it or not. Can’t ask for much more than that really can I?

2 thoughts on “Twitter-ing On …

  1. I'm still undecided…. I'm not sure I can keep up with it! How do you like it so far?

  2. I twitter too, it took a while to get the knack of it. I have made some valuable connections there.I just followed you!

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