We Make London – crafts and chat going bonkers!

What’s that, I hear you ask – well, some very lovely talented Etsy ladies have got themselves organised and arranged a craft fair and there’s loads of Etsy gals going to visit so between the sellers and all the Etsy visitors – it should be a very fun and noisy, chatty day. Most of us chat regularly over on the Etsy forums so we all feel like we know each other. I think the most fun thing will be the names – given some of our online nicknames and how we abbreviate them online, how are we going to remember everyones’ real name?
On a marketing note, I’ve designed some bookmarks to add to the promo goody bags and I’m actually quite pleased with them. I wasn’t expecting them to turn out so well in that format – I’m not a trained designer after all so I didn’t really know what I was doing. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “We Make London – crafts and chat going bonkers!

  1. great bookmarks, I love that auricula pic. see you tomorrow at wemake!

  2. Good luck with the show!! <br><br>The bookmarks look really nice. Great marketing idea :)

  3. I just went into your shop and it is lovely! Good luck on your show!

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