Wednesday – Downhill to the weekend now!

Well it’s been an interesting week at work so far. The guy I’ve been covering for since September came back to work in February but it was easy to see his heart wasn’t in it anymore so they’ve come to an amicable agreement and let him retire early. This means my temp contract just got extended (probaly another 2 months) while they find a replacement and get them trained up.

It’s a nice office – great people and fairly easy going but instead of the 10-20 miles a week I’m used to, I’m now doing 200+ and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the driving that has probably contributed to my winter blues/tiredness/general malaise. So I’ve OK’d it with the boss and I’m taking an extra day for the weekend and having a moochy day on Friday :)

I have some ideas for a completely new product line for my shop over on Etsy – still photography related but it’s in development at the moment – having some production problems as I’ve had to learn a whole new skill. Sounds mysterious doesn’t it? Good – come back soon and I’ll post it here as I launch :)

I also keep meaning to get some stuff listed on Pinkdoodle and maybe try Dawanda too but I think I may wait a while and concentrate on Etsy. I’ve not been very good at or consistent with promoting/marketing Arty Allsorts so blogging regularly and exploring the possibilities of the blogosphere is my current task.

No really appropriate photos for todays’ topic so just added some pretties for colour :)